Have I jinxed myself?

Ofcourse after posting the last blog, I’ve been up with the twins for the last hour.

Have I jinxed myself? I’m afraid I do believe in all that stuff. I can’t pretend I haven’t noticed that if the twins are going to wake it’s always around 3am.

Whenever I can’t sleep I seem to always wake at 3am. I even googled it once when I wasn’t sleeping! There’s a blog further down the page about it. I’d forgotten I’d written it, it seems so long ago. I feel like when you’re relying on google for the answers  you sort of know you’re a bit fucked really.

I have to put the cat on the balcony when the twins wake or he runs into their room and won’t come out and they hate him in there. Once they are back to bed he starts howling on the balcony and banging (literally banging) the door down. Now they have to have the door open there’s always the fear that Ray (the cat) will jump over the stairgate and go in their room. So I don’t go back to sleep for ages, lying in fear of the cat and twins, and when I do go back to sleep they either wake again instantly or it’s morning.

And it was going so well.

Story of my life.šŸ¤£šŸ˜­

Tomorrow is the pre school graduation for the nursery kids going off to school. Willow has been asking if I’m coming to watch as her teacher had been saying all the parents are watching. But when I spoke to the nursery they said it was just for the parents of the pre schoolers who were leaving. Last time when all the dads came for Father’s Day Rocco got really upset, maybe because he thought I was going to come along? I don’t know. I hope they aren’t anxious about tomorrow.

I think I’ll speak to the nursery tomorrow and see if I can pop in towards the end.

Okay..it’s 4.26am.. the birds have started to sing.. I’ve probably got no hope in hell of sleeping..but we can try… and sleep.


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